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Aljihad AlOlla


Aljihad Alolla Electronics a Group corporation, is a multinational electronics company headquartered in Misurata-Libya. The company was founded in 2009 with .The company is currently comprised of three business segments: Home Entertainment, Mobile Communication, Home Appliance & Air Solution.

Aljihad Alolla is a strong lead in electronics and appliance specialist retailers in 2018. The company has benefited from high levels of consumer recognition supported by significant investment in marketing across media channels and a strong online presence.

Our goals are simple: to serve our customers better, to always be relevant in their lives and to form lifelong relationships. And while serving our customer face-to-face is the foundation and hallmark of how we’ve historically served them, today customers seek our service in new ways. Speed, convenience, innovation, and personalization have become cornerstones of our experience.

Some Of Our Products Category

      LED TV

 Air Conditioner

Clothes Washer